A new way of reviewing a Book – via Talking Naturally AND Fatbirder?

A short while ago – but probably many posts and articles for both of us – I wrote a post in which I announced what we hoped would be an interesting ‘book review partnership’ between TN and mega birding site Fatbirder.com. Bo Beolens of Fatbirder writes a huge number of book reviews (check them out, they’re written in plain English with plenty of imagination and insight) but does not do podcasts, whereas TN does very few reviews now but does create quite a few podcasts. What if, we reasoned, we combined the two to create a linked interview/review spread across the two websites? Bo would write the review and we would interview the author. Both sites would link back to the other’s work, sharing the output without ‘trespassing’ on each other’s sites.

An interesting idea that just required a publisher and an author to get on board!

I’m delighted to say that this morning the first of what we hope will be the first of many of these ‘reviewcasts’ took a step closer to reality, when I introduced myself to Andrew Fallan, whose book ‘Winging it – Birding for low flyers’ was published by Nicola Loxdale’s Brambleby Books last year. We’re going to chat for a podcast in a few days (when what I hope is just a brief cold has passed). Bo has already written his review, and if all goes well we’ll both be able to post in the next week.

We’d both be very interested to hear what people think about this concept, so please feel free to comment below…


Andrew Fallan recounts his own experiences – the highs and the lows, the trials and tribulations – as an avid birder in a world seemingly populated by experts and high-flyers. Join him on an often humorous and irreverent journey around the UK, from the heavily industrialised and less than aesthetic Thames estuary, to Minsmere and the north Norfolk coast, from the Scilly Isles to the scenic majesty of Wales, all the way to the rocky grandeur of the highlands and islands of Scotland.


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Passionate about animal welfare and conservation, veggie and dairy-free, I live in the Wiltshire (UK) countryside. I co-founded Birders Against Wildlife Crime and Birds Korea. Trustee of the League against Cruel Sports On Twitter @charliemoores


  1. I’m looking forward to this series!

  2. Jane says:

    Think it’s a great idea – what I’d like is a site where lots of people leave audio reviews of books, an easy way for everyday people to leave their own feelings and impressions of wildlife books, as well as reviews from experts.

  3. Charlie Moores says:

    Grant, great to hear from you – welcome. It’s been a while since we last communicated, glad you found your way to the website okay :)

  4. Charlie Moores says:

    Jane, what a fantastic idea. We had planned to do vox pop type features here (which is why we’re looking at ways to make our ‘TN Other Voices’ available) but I’d be more than happy to host audio reviews exactly as you suggest.

  5. Thanks, Charlie. Been lurking for a while, and listening to the podcasts as I’ve got time.

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