ABC/BOC/NHM April 2013: Siobhan Cox on the African white-eyes

London 2013

Talking Naturally was invited to record a series of short interviews at a joint meeting of the African Bird Club, the British Ornithologists Club and the Natural History Museum in London on April 6th 2013.

On a packed but enjoyable day, which included the African Bird Club’s AGM, six guest speakers talked on a range of subjects that encompassed topics from travelling to largely unvisited parts of Africa, an update on the status of the Liben Lark, a report from Libya on the isolated race of Lesser Crested Tern, an insight into work being done to recreate the lost avifuana of the Mascarenes, and a genetic study that promises to overturn the current phylogeny of Africa’s White-eyes (Zosteropidae).

In her talk titled ‘Speciation in African White-eyesDr Siobhan Cox, described her work on the phylogeny of mainland Africa’s White-eyes. A morphologically similar group the relationships between the various described forms of White-eye have long been far from clear: for her PhD Siobhan used genetic techniques that – when the results are published – will completely revise our understanding of how these taxa have arisen. First of all though, congratulations were in order…


For a list of the eight interviews recorded at this meeting click here


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