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Talking Naturally – talking about wildlife, conservation, and animal welfare

Run by committed conservationists Charlie Moores and Tristan Reid, Talking Naturally is an independently-owned website that aims to inspire by talking about wildlife, conservation, and animal welfare through blogs, interviews, and podcasts with conservationists and wildlife/welfare experts from all around the world.

Talking Naturally is also regularly commissioned to make podcasts by other organisations, and we are working with a number of partners from Europe, North America, and Australia.


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The Talking Naturally ethos:

The ethos that drives ‘Talking Naturally’ is to inspire visitors to the site about wildlife, conservation and animal welfare by giving a platform to conservationists and activists, in which they are given time to talk expansively about projects and ideas – and visitors and listeners are given time to get to know the individual behind the organisation. The emphasis with all our podcasts and interviews is on producing a conversation rather than a formal interview – a chat rather than a series of questions and answers.


Who’s been on Talking Naturally?


Downloading a podcast:

Talking Naturally podcasts are available directly from the website, by subscription, or via iTunes. Download figures have grown steadily since the site’s inception, with many podcasts being downloaded 1000+ times.

To listen just click on TN Podcasts which will take you to thumbnails and short descriptions of all or podcasts. Open the page for the podcast you’d like to hear then

  1. Click the ‘Listen to podcast’ icon and hear the podcast immediately
  2. Click ‘download’ and listen at your own convenience.

If you’d like to subscribe please use either of the buttons at the top of the page or go to the TN page on iTunes.



Podcasts are mostly either recorded with guests in the “podding shed” – a soundproofed garden shed at Charlie’s home in Wiltshire (UK) – or via telephone/Skype. Professional recording equipment is used: Rode NT 1-A mics and an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra mixer feeding into a purpose-built laptop using Intel’s new Dual Core i5 chip, 8gb RAM, and ultra-quiet fan. The set-up is portable, and Charlie is more than happy to bring the ‘Talking Naturally’ podcast equipment to you if the need arises!

If you’d like to take part in a ‘Talking Naturally’ podcast please email Charlie. A more detailed set of ‘instructions’ can be emailed to you that will explain how the recording process takes place and what you can expect if you come onto Talking Naturally!



Copyrights And Editorial decisions:

Please note – unless a podcast is commissioned and paid for editorial decisions/content and copyright of each podcast remains solely with Talking Naturally. No section of any length of any podcast may be copied, played, or used without written permission. Talking Naturally retains the right to take down any podcast at any time unless we are otherwise contractually obliged to retain it. We also retain the right to choose suitable sponsors or advertisers for each Talking Naturally podcast (unless an interviewee has commissioned the podcast or is solely responsible for sponsoring it) but we will not accept advertising or sponsorship that is not in keeping with the ethics of the website or its aim to promote conservation.



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