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Off to Malta, back next week

Next week I’m travelling to Malta with the League Against Cruel Sports and one of my heroes – Bill Oddie OBE. I have to say I’m not looking forward to it. Migrant birds should be passing in huge numbers and […]

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Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 50 The Truth about Cats and Dogs

"...It's high time we started to tell the truth about cats and dogs and how they impact on wildlife...for far too long we've been apologists for our pets..."


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Kickstarter: Great Chalfield – A Guide to Insects


Kickstarter: Great Chalfield - A Guide to Insects


Back in July 2009 my family and I moved into a small cottage at Great Chalfield, a National Trust estate

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BirdLife Malta: Legality of spring hunting under fire in Malta and Brussels

Ironic, isn't it, that while a trio of birdwatchers are putting themselves through pain and discomfort to raise awareness about the rapid decline of the Turtle Dove,

Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 49 Give me my Raptor Today

"...wildlife crime is pernicious, ignorant, and selfish of course, but it's also theft - raptors can't be owned like land, they're held in common belonging to us all..."



LACS: Hunting Act Under Threat

Press-release from League Against Cruel Sports:

  • "Breaking News: League Trustee and MP, Chris Williamson gets Prime Minister David


League says Cameron stop being a coward, bring on the repeal vote

Animal welfare charity calls for the Prime Minister to stop hiding behind back room politics and bring on free vote on repeal of Hunting Act

Wednesday 5th March 2014:


Champions of the Flyway

Champions of the Flyway is a major new international bird race taking place in , Israel – one of the


Are cat parasites damaging human memory function?

A truly mind-blowing article from American Bird Conservancy on a report linking working memory performance reductions in seniors 65 and older that test positive for

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Birders Against Wildlife Crime


Birders Against Wildlife Crime

Last night Channel 4 News broadcast a short and extremely welcome report on the persecution of raptors on Scottish grouse moors, triggered by the


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