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The War to Protect ‘our’ Wildlife – Make Your Stand

In the past week there have been even more revelations relating to the current governments intent on destroying ‘our’ wildlife. It is fast becoming clear we have a war on wildlife, if we stand back and do nothing there will […]

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Many Turtle Doves were seen being shot down on Thursday morning, when Spring Watch teams in Malta recorded more than 9000 shots within a three-hour period. Photo © David Tipling

Spring hunting derogation not limited, not controlled and therefore not legal!

Spring migration is in full swing in Malta, unfortunately so is the hunting season! Please read and share the following press release from

Photo by evilthomthai via Flickr Creative Commons

Fighting with Fish – A few of my personal thoughts on Fishing and Conservation!

Okay, I guess before I start with this post I should put my hands up and admit that I have never knowingly eaten a fish and never plan


Walking for Wildlife goes multi media!

Here is a very quick update on my Walking for Wildlife project. Unfortunately this is only an interim update as


Çağan Şekercioğlu on Bird Conservation

Dr Çağan Şekercioğlu is a Conservation Ecologist from Turkey. He is the president of the conservation organisation KuzeyDoğa and Professor in the department of biology

Pallid Harrier

Continued Illegal Hunting in Malta – Pallid Harrier

As the autumn progresses; more protected species are still being illegally hunted in Malta. Birdlife Malta discusses the problems in their latest press release.


Badger Cull – What do we tell our children?

I was walking my children to school today and as I took my youngest through the grounds of the infant school to her nursery; she noticed a wooden


Malta Raptor Camp Begins!

Autumn migration is in full swing across Europe with Malta seeing good numbers of raptors daily. The 45 strong international volunteers are in place to help


Malta Pioneering Seabird Research!

It is so nice to be able to report some positive bird news from Malta.  EU LIFEMalta Seabird Project have achieved a European first


Walking for Conservation!

Many of you will be aware that I have had over 20 tattoos of iconic Turkish birds tattooed onto my arms, to raise awareness of the wildlife and cultural disaster


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