CABS: video of Maltese poachers killing protected birds in Egypt


As part of our ‘Talking Naturally Partners Project’ – through which we aim to inspire and promote conservation by hosting news/appeals/interviews/podcasts etc with our ‘partnering’ conservation organisations – we are posting this news from the Committee against Bird Slaughter (CABS)


This disturbing and distressing video released by the Committee against Bird Slaughter (CABS) today proves the illegal killing of protected birds of prey, storks and waterbirds by a group of Maltese hunters at Lake Nasser, Egypt several years ago.


While conservation organisations – and individual conservationists – are spending large amounts of money and time to protect migratory birds along the African-Eurasian Flyways, Malta’s poachers – as many have known for years – are rampaging across the region laughing as they kill indiscriminately and without compunction. It will be very interesting to see how this video will be spun in Malta – especially by Lino Farrugia, secretary general of Malta’s self-serving hunting lobby group the FKNK, who will no doubt make yet another excuse for yet another example of the brutality of Malta’s poachers while ignoring just how this reflects so dreadfully on his homeland.

Will releasing this video achieve anything – and a great deal of time has been taken by CABS to both verify and obtain permission to use this material?

My personal feeling is that it is too late to ‘re-educate’ people with attitudes to wildlife like this, it may even be impossible at this point to impress upon Egyptian authorities the seriousness of allowing/turning a blind eye to hunting trips from Malta, but surely – surely – the majority of Malta’s citizens will be as horrified as the rest of us at witnessing how the good name of Malta is once again being dragged through the dirt by these poachers. Time and time again the word ‘Malta’ is being associated with the meaningless slaughter of protected birds, and that image is hardening throughout Europe. It will, sooner or later, impact on Malta as a whole – which will not really be fair, as the majority of Malta’s residents do NOT behave as if they are above the law, detest wildlife, and are throwbacks from a less enlightened time.

The hope has to be, surely, that the change that so many of us want to see will come from within Malta, will come from communities sickened by being associated with the people in this video.

Come on, Malta, for how much longer are you prepared to let the FKNK and hunters ‘speak’ for your country? The good name of an entire people is in your hands…


  • Feature photograph with this post shows Smyrna Kingfisher skins which were confiscated by Luqa Airport Customs after the birds were shot in North Africa, and delivered by MEPA to the Natural History Museum in June 2010.



Committee against Bird Slaughter (English) –

CABSlogo TN74 CABS Andrea Rutigliano on the illegal hunting of songbirds in Italy

gruppe iseolago TN74 CABS Andrea Rutigliano on the illegal hunting of songbirds in ItalyCABS volunteers during the anti-poaching camp in Brescia – Autumn 2001

The Committee Against Bird Slaughter – CABS (Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e.V.) is an action and operational society. By this we mean that we have a small administration and executive board, without subordinate elements, capable of rapid reaction whenever and wherever required. The route from concept to final decision and implementation is often very short so that when wildlife is acutely endangered we can act rapidly. We have achieved a great deal since our foundation in 1975 through the implementation of this concept.

We intervene in particular where bird trappers, hunters or animal traders commit offences against current nature protection legislation in Europe. We are always concerned to harmonise closely our activities with the responsible police, forest or customs authorities. In addition, through initiatives at parliamentary level, we attempt to achieve improvements in the legal guidelines for wildlife, nature and species protection. We distant ourselves fundamentally from militant actions or measures that do not comply with the prevailing legislation in the country of operations.


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