CADS: Help ban ‘recreational’ duck shooting in Victoria, Australia


It’s utterly beyond my comprehension why anyone would want to kill a duck as it flies towards them, rocketing through a blue sky, beautifully and perfectly adapted to the wetlands that ‘hunters’ always say they enjoy visiting (and don’t bother using the ‘comments’ to attempt to explain – I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time now). I can understand that there is some skill in co-ordinating hand and eye to dispassionately kill a flying duck, but less so than judging light and depth of field and taking its photograph – and far less destructive of course.

Being able to do something doesn’t justify doing it in my opinion (and in the opinion of many other campaigners of course), but whether I understand it or not ‘hunters’ the world over are committed to their ‘sport’. Despite what the various Game Associations mutter about how conservation-minded they are for gallantly ‘protecting’ ducks so they can go and kill them later and how responsible their members are, in Australia many hunters are apparently oblivious to the impact on wild bird populations they have by turning up to temporary wetlands after years of drought (which had a serious impact on duck populations though fortunately there signs of recovery) and creating the sort of disturbance and noise that would have anyone else locked up by the local police…

The inspirational members of Coalition against Duck Shooting (CADS) take a very proactive stance against the anachronistic slaughter of ducks (many of them legally protected – not all hunters are the identification experts their associations would like to portray them as) and are promoting sustainable wetland eco-tourism instead. In Victoria members get into the water between the hunter and the bird, attempt to move the birds to safer locations, and set up temporary ‘field hospitals’ to give first aid to ducks that have been shot, injured and simply left to die.

Despite the majority wishes of Victorians a 2012 hunting season has been announced. As CADS scathingly puts it on their website:

  • “Premier Ted Baillieu has transferred the responsibility for native waterbirds from the Department of Sustainability and Environment over to the Department of Primary Industries (with a National Party Minister). This is like having arsonists and pyromaniacs running the Country Fire Authority.” Laurie Levy Campaign Director

CADS has a petition running on The Petition Site that has had a rather muted response, but can be found at

To view their work watch the moving and well-produced YouTube video below. The calm way they go about things in the face of heavily-armed hunters is highly inspirational.


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  1. Steve Tucker says:

    Your pathetic gaggle of misfits can sook about this all you like. It is plainly obvious you are all irredeemably divorced from reality.
    Just make sure you keep your worthless bums out of the way while we are hunting.

  2. Charlie Moores says:

    Good morning Steve
    Thanks so much for your erudite and illuminating comments. I’ve been thinking a great deal about what you wrote, and it’s touched me. Thanks to your cogent and deep-thinking arguments – which are beautifully presented by the way – I see now that all the years I have been supporting conservationists have been wasted. I will go out to my nearest gun shop and begin slaughtering native waterfowl as soon as I can.
    I tell you, I’m really looking forward to the camaraderie and company of men like yourself.
    God bless you Steve, you warm and wonderful academic you.

  3. Laurie Allan says:

    Wow – Steve ‘Bush’ Tucker – what a ‘man’, with his big gun collection! What an Aussie stereotype, pass me a 6-pack of ‘tinnies’, polish the ‘roo’ bars on the SUV, pull up an ‘Abbo’ to rest your feet on! Bear in mind that the natives and the native wildlife were getting on nicely during ‘dreamtime’ before your relatives arrived 200 years ago complete with courage AND convictions…….Just wait ’till China has turned your ‘countryside’ into a great big quarry and that will be the only ‘quarry’ you have left. I wouldn’t trust you with a water pistol!

    Laurie -

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