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It’s New York: they shoot Snowy Owls, don’t they?

Parts of North America are seeing an enormous influx of irrupting Snowy Owls this winter. One of the Arctic’s most iconic birds, huge numbers of birders have been travelling to see these beautiful white ‘ghosts’ from the frozen north. Cornell […]

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Killing seals: Canada fires up the cow-pie machine

A hard-hitting comment article by Jamie Newlin, a vegan writer and activist living in the United States. For the record Talking Naturally agrees with every word...:


The Canadian government

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Can the slaughter in the Middle East really be stopped?

Prominent hunters from Middle East and Africa sign declaration on responsible hunting

By Julien Jreissati Thu, 05/12/2013 - 11:21


Badger cull: The ‘legal’ killings may have ended…

Guest post by Lawrie Phipps, Vice Chair, League Against Cruel Sports and avid birder:

  • As the Badger Cull is ended in Gloucestershire (with Natural England saying apparently

Mandarin feature

Mandarin Duck: Symbol of Love or of Animal Abuse?

The following article was posted on the Birds Korea website a few days ago. Its relevance may not be apparent at first, but pinioning (the maiming of


Welfare and conservation organisations: staffed by heroes!

This short post was inspired by an exhausting but excellent day I just spent with the World Parrot Trust. It may come across as a bit over-wrought, but


LACS: Pro-hunt myths exposed – Response to Flushing Exemption Amend

The League Against Cruel Sports has today written to all party leaders, ministers and shadow ministers in DEFRA to expose the reality behind recent calls to amend

bachman lion feature

Melissa Bachmann: Poster girl for a global industry

If Melissa Bachman wanted to be famous - how else to promote 'Brand Bachman'? - posting a photo of herself smirking over the corpse of a dead lion,

Bird slaughter in Scotland and the Lebanon: spot the difference

Take a look at the two photos below. The UK shooting industry will tell anyone who listens that they show two totally different things - I'm not quoting


Book Review: Britain’s Day-flying Moths (WildGuides)

Britain’s Day-flying Moths: A Field Guide to the Day-flying Moths of Britain and Ireland, September 2013

It's hard to believe now that just twenty or so years ago anyone


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