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BirdLife Malta: two short podcasts from British Birdfair 2013

The following two short podcasts were recorded at the BirdLife Malta stand at the British Birdfair 2013, where it was my privilege to talk to two men who have been at the very heart of conservation on an archipelago that […]

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GOB 42 Serial Killers

"The unpalatable truth is that many people enjoy killing things...the 'sport' of hunting is killing for pleasure, it diminishes the human spirit and desensitises the hunter to killing

Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 41 All Things Come

"From an early age I have suffered profound and chronic - indolence...""

Bo Beolens, the Fatbirder, set up the Birding For All website which seeks "to improve access

vox pop feature

Speaking out: short interviews from the London against the Badger Cull march

A Talking Naturally podcast recorded at the London against the Badger Cull march on June 1st 2013. Capturing the atmosphere of the march (hopefully anyway!) it includes

Grumpy Old Birder Feature

Grumpy Old Birder #40 – The No Show Man

"...the warm water running down my face, wasn't - it was a red liquid better kept inside my inner tubes..."

Bo Beolens, the Fatbirder, was meant to give a


TN111 Interviews from ‘Gunning for Change’ April 2013

The League against Cruel Sports held a very successful Symposium on the Shooting Industry and Firearm Licensing, in Central Hall, Westminster on Thursday 25th April. 'Gunning For Change'

Pallid Harrier feature

Malta 2013: ‘Hunters’ gun down another Pallid Harrier

Malta has European permission to hunt Turtle Doves and Quail? Malta's hunters behave responsibly? Malta's hunters are conservationists? Malta's hunters abide the law? No. Utter, utter nonsense. The


TN110 Malta – answering the hunters

A conversation with guests Nik Barbara, BirdLife Malta’s conservation manager, Lawrie Phipps, a Trustee with the League against Cruel Sports and a conservationist who has been


Interviews from a joint meeting of African Bird Club, British Ornithologists’ Club, and Natural History Museum, April 2013

Talking Naturally was invited to record a series of short interviews at a joint meeting of the African Bird Club, the British Ornithologists' Club and the

Lawrie Phipps

TN109 Lawrie Phipps: Malta – is it time for the B word?

A conversation with Lawrie Phipps, birder and trustee of the League against Cruel Sports, who has been out to Malta several times to support the work of


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