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Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 51 Columbus Red Wobbler

“…or that luxury accommodation is not just a big room without rats…” In this short podcast Bo (or his alter ego the Grumpy Old Birder) leaves us in no doubt about what he thinks about the way hotels sell themselves […]

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Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 50 The Truth about Cats and Dogs

"...It's high time we started to tell the truth about cats and dogs and how they impact on wildlife...for far too long we've been apologists for our pets..."


Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 49 Give me my Raptor Today

"...wildlife crime is pernicious, ignorant, and selfish of course, but it's also theft - raptors can't be owned like land, they're held in common belonging to us all..."


Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 48 Rose-coloured binoculars

"...the North Kent Marshes are one of our growing conservation successes...but here's the rub, slap bang in the middle of all this conservation is an area with no

Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 47 This Other Eden

"...closer to my destination are roadside orchards, every tree too artificially stunted and thinned to develop nest holes..."

Bo Beolens, the Fatbirder, talks in this short podcast about 'this

Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 46 The End of Days

"...You used to be able to walk to the end of the street to hear larks sing or see hares running...Now it's one hell of a trek to

Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 45 November

"...No sun, no moon - No dawn, no dusk, no proper time of day..."

Bo Beolens, the Fatbirder, talks in this short podcast about November, gardening for wildlife, storms,


Woodock: how’s the data being used?

Guest post by Lawrie Phipps, Vice Chair, League Against Cruel Sports and avid birder:

  • Is data neutral? Who owns data, and do you have a say over


Jonny Rankin: Blackfish the Movie and the cruelty of captivity

Blackfish… I watched Blackfish last night. It was harrowing. I woke up in the middle of the night still thinking about it and trawling the web

JR feature

Jonny Rankin in Australia: Black Duck Beauty

As mentioned in my last post expectation was high for my southern hemisphere debut, working life hadn’t allowed me to mentally prepare quite as much as I would


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