Update – Stop the Coyote Hunt Contest in Los Lunas, New Mexico

Mark Chavez

In the 21st Century it would be nice to think that there would no longer be a need to protest at a competition to kill as any Coyotes in a weekend as possible, but such is the power of the cattle industry and the readiness to shoot anything that gets in its way (shades of the UK’s badger cull anyone?) that it was indeed necessary and will probably be necessary next year again. There is a sad irony in that most of the pro-killing/pro-competiton comments I’ve read on various websites is that they focus on the indiscriminate way Coyotes kill a few cattle, that there are now ‘too many of them’ living in ranchland. All vastly different from, say, the humans who kill tens of millions of cattle a year, reproduce with almost no thought of the effect, and are the ones tat are constantly eating into the wilderness where these animals once used to live?


Stop the Coyote Hunt Contest in Los Lunas, New Mexico


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Update from petition sponsor 18 November 2012

    I want to first tell you that because of your incredible activism and support, informed me our group is among the top 10 of all groups on You are all an incredible group of people who care about what is happening in our world and are willing to take action. I am proud to be a part of such a successful group.

    And, I wanted to let you know about the coyote killing contest. My experience with petitions to government agencies has been difficult. One has to keep hammering away at them. However, we do have a tangible success story with the petition to Stop The Coyote Killing Contest. Our petition received major media attention and was reported nationally. Because of all of your hard work in supporting this action, e-mailing and phoning government agencies at the 11th hour, we did get the support of the government agencies: the US Bureau of Land Management [BLM], The US Forest Service, and most importantly, the New Mexico Land Commissioner, Ray Powell, who made a public statement against this contest and his desire to make any such contest illegal! This is the first time we’ve had immediate action from government agencies. This gives us hope for the future. They do listen! As a result of the agencies getting on board, we were able to reduce the coyote contest to only private lands, and at that, ranchers and cattlemen have to grant permission.

    This is a far cry from what Gunhawk Firearms owner, Mark Chavez [image above], wanted. He stated at the announcement of this terrible contest that it would take place throughout New Mexico and thousands of coyotes would be killed. Not only did we think the contest was inhumane and unnecessary, it also put the public at risk since he did not reveal where on public lands this hunt would take place. We stopped that! He informed the BLM, the Forest Service and the Land Commissioner, that he would not allow his participants on public land.

    So far, the news has reported the killing of 1 coyote, which is still unfortunate, but we did save the lives of thousands of coyotes in New Mexico. This man dug in so deeply to have this contest go forward and is even quoted as saying, “it’s a matter of principle.” But, we did make a huge impact on his plans.

    We are all a force to be reckoned with. Thank you for your activism and support. The next projects are working with Ray Powell to get these contests banned, protection for the coyotes, and then on to the issue of the proposed killing of the wild mustangs in New Mexico.

    Thank you for your continued support. Carole Altendorf


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