Tell Climate Sceptic Think Tank to Disclose Funding


Okay, so I have been trawling the petition sites again; and have come across one that I personally think is worth signing! I know the language is perhaps a bit strong but I think that The Global Warming Policy Foundation has to stand up and be counted!

Here is the petition text:


The Global Warming Policy Foundation, a climate sceptic group accused of routinely spreading misinformation to further its ends, has been asked to disclose who is funding it.

Although the foundation denies being funded by the oil industry, it refuses to disclose its main donors or reveal who or what provided the initial funding.

Leading climate scientists are supporting a Freedom of Information request for this information. On Friday the 27th of January, the request goes before a judge.

A registered charity should not be hiding who is behind it, especially when its main aim is to change public opinion. Support the scientists’ request and insist that the public learn what is actually going on.

You can sign the petition here:


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