Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust: Sam Jones talks with Glyn Young


This is a Talking Naturally ‘Other Voices’ podcast, a conversation between biologists Sam Jones and Dr Glyn Young, Conservation Biologist with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust an international charity working globally towards saving species from extinction. Glyn has been heavily involved with, for example, conservation of the Madagascar Pochard Aythya innotata and in this podcast he talks about his work and the long-term outlook for some of the species he has championed..


Disclaimer: This podcast has been produced by Talking Naturally to support conservation. No fees or benefits of any kind have been charged or accepted by Talking Naturally.


Durrell Wildlife Conservation TrustDurrell Wildlife Conservation Trust:
Gerald Durrell started out with a vision to create a stationary ark, a reservoir in which animals in need of protection could be kept and bred. Today, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, headquartered in Jersey, has made a difference to more than 30 endangered species worldwide, and continues to maintain a record unparalleled by any organisation of its size. Durrell today works in some of the most threatened environments on the planet and has over 50 active field projects in 14 countries around the world, with a focus on critically endangered species and highly threatened island ecosystems.



About Sam Jones:

sam feature imageSam Jones is an ornithologist and naturalist at the start of his career in conservation biology. Since his graduation in 2010 he has travelled widely on an eclectic array of research, expeditions and fieldwork from single-species studies in the meadows of Friesland to compiling ornithological inventories and working on some of the worlds rarest primates in the cloudforests of the Andean east slope.

In the summer of 2012 Sam travelled to Honduras as part of an ornithological team, followed by an expedition to a zoologically unexplored mountain in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo as part of longer term work in the region. He has been documenting a variety of aspects of this work for Talking Naturally, making field recordings whenever possible.

Sam also writes for the multi-author Birding Frontiers blog where you can find more details of his work.

He can be contacted at samuel.ei.jones -AT- gmail.com


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