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Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has donated to my ‘Giving my right arm‘ campaign. I am very happy to have reached my target of £2,500; in fact we currently stand at £2,575! I have now raised the new target to £3,000, it would be great to reach this by the end of May!

I am very thankful to Tormod & Elin of Biotope for allowing me the opportunity to present my campaign at the recent and very successful Arctic Gullfest in Arctic Norway! I am also very grateful for their continued support and very generous donation to my campaign! Of course without the skills and continued support of Richard Batey and the rest of the team at Immortal Art Studio none of this would be happening, aside from the fantastic quality of the tattoos and the enthusiastic and welcome support for this cause, they are also donating £20 for every hour they work on me!

For new readers wanting to know why I am running this rather unusual campaign and to donate, please visit:

Yesterday fresh from my recent trip to Arctic Norway I was back at Immortal Art Studio for bird number fourteen (the third one on my right arm). As usual I was greeted with a fantastic welcome and we discussed what today’s tattoo would be. We decided on Northern Bald Ibis, this would go on the inside of my forearm! So I settled down for a few hours of ink & pain!

Okay, so photos don’t really do it justice; but the following images give you an idea of the results!



We had one more surprise up our sleeve! I was keen to have some text featuring on my skin that would give some indication as what this project was all about. So I decided to have the text Doğa tattooed across the tops of the fingers on my right hand! The word Doğa (pronounced doowa) is the Turkish word for nature!

Immortal Art Studio have installed a webcam and so this time it was possible for people to watch me being tattooed live. You have to be registered at to use this facility (its free).  I will try and give advanced warning before my next session :-)

Remember you can donate to the cause here:



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