More ink than pink…….

Yesterday I was back at  Immortal Art Studio for another session of artistic pain. The subjects to be permanently embedded onto my skin were the gorgeous Cinerious Bunting and the charismatic Little Swift. Both these species hold good memories for me, though the Little Swift is perhaps the most evocative!


The pictures really don’t do the tattoos justice, but you certainly get the general idea. Just two more birds to be added onto my left arm; its going to look awesome once its all finished! I’m quite excited about getting started on my right arm in the new year :-)

The reason I am doing this is to both raise awareness of the massive scale destruction of Turkey’s biodiversity and to raise funds to help Doğa Derneği (Birdlife Internationals partner in Turkey) protect their globally significant biodiversity.

Here is why I’m having these birds tattooed permanently onto my arms:


……….and yes it does hurt!

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I'm a birder and twitcher with a general interest in natural history (dragonflies, butterflies and orchids in particular) but most of all I am a passionate conservationist with a particular affiliation to Turkey. Having worked as a Ranger/Naturalist at a range of nature reserves throught the UK I now work as a freelance ecologist and writer.


  1. Joe says:

    Hi! Just wanted to leave a note to say I’m liking your new ink. I have tattoos myself and am always looking for a way to combine our sport into a new design and you have given me food for thought for sure. Nice!

    Take care and yeah, they do hurt a bit but not too bad. ;)


  2. Tristan Reid says:

    Thanks Joe, glad you like my ink! My left arm is nearly finished now (just two more birds to go); though I’m pretty excited about starting on the right arm :-)

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