LYREBIRD film flapping its feathers ‘down under’

In March 2010, Balangara Films, an independent production company in Melbourne, Australia, started developing a little social/nature documentary film “The Message of the Lyrebird”. Fast forwarded to today and they have filmed a large part of the lyrebird natural history footage, researched and developed the story, and more recently they have confirmed a renowned British wildlife presenter who has unofficially signed on, pending finance of the production.

The story journeys through the beauty of Australia’s rainforests to track down the world’s master mimic imitating sounds of human origin. Teaming up with ornithologists, specialized birding groups, researchers and Indigenous elders, the story looks at why lyrebirds mimic. Do lyrebirds really mimic sounds of human origin in the wild? And where does their mesmerizing mimicry come from? Blending blue chip with ob-doc, ‘The Message of the Lyrebird’ unearths some startling information about Australia’s native ‘song thief’ and exams why humans are so fascinated with finding a reflection of themselves in nature.

‘The Message of the Lyrebird’ has just been selected in the top 25 documentary projects to participate in the exclusive “Meet Market” at the 2012 Australian International Documentary Conference. Held in Adelaide towards the end of February, AIDC is a networking platform bringing together Australia’s leading factual content producers with key figures from the global film and television market. The top 25 projects, including “The Message of the Lyrebird”, will be showcased to a selection of national and international content seekers, including broadcasters, distributors, executive producers and sales agents alike.

“The successful selection at AIDC was no doubt a result of twenty-two months hard work of development as well as the confirmation of our key cast attachment. The doco conference will give us the opportunity to fast-track the film by holding one-on-one meetings with content seekers that have expressed interest in the project”, producer/director, Mark Pearce [photo right] announced.

Whilst Balangara Films is hoping to pre-sell the special 1-hour documentary to broadcasters at AIDC, the sales themselves may only make up a slice of the finance they need to bankroll the production hence the company are looking for interested private investors so they can roll the cameras in June this year.

Balangara Films are also working on another social/nature project with [Simon Mustoe's] Wildiaries and Tourism Australia to produce a cross media series, which includes 42 episodes of Australian nature stories, enabling people to interact with communities and discover the beauty of our country’s exclusive wildlife and destinations.

You can checkout “The Message of the Lyrebird” sizzle-reel at To keep up with production updates, click on the ‘subscribe to newsletter’ link on their home page. Interested investors can contact Mark Pearce direct for further details


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  1. dutch Australian says:
    this has a video of a lyrebird mimicing the sound of a chain saw
    its really sad that that is what it hears : (


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