Malta: The FKNK tries ‘unexplained deaths’ as novel way to get sympathy for hunters

If anyone still wondered just how out of touch with reality the FKNK (the mouthpiece for Malta’s illegal trappers and hunters) and some members of the European Parliament (MEPs) really are, look no further than a very peculiar report in the Times of Malta yesterday (Oct 13th) detailing complaints made to the EU Parliament by Maltese MEP Dr [of Law, which is worth noting in light of his medical opinions] John Attard Montalto.

According to this successful lawyer (who must know the laws of slander surely?) the “‘belatedly pathetic attempt’ to eradicate hunting at the behest of extremists, “is having a live-threatening effect on up to 8,000 EU citizens (Maltese bird trappers and their suffering families), who regard this practice as a way of life they cannot do without, to the extent that there have been unexplained deaths?” He then whines that “Other than the biased correspondence submitted by the anti-trapping and anti-hunting BirdLife Malta [I hope BLM sues him for that use of 'biased'], shouldn’t the Commission have requested similar correspondence from other interested, affected parties, at the very least from its partner the Malta Government before commencing infringements procedures against Malta?”

‘Pathetic attempt’ indeed.

And if it’s to MEPs (like Montalto) that every right-thinking citizen of Europe is turning to in the hope that the EU will finally stop the reprehensible illegal killing of birds on Malta, it’s little wonder that progress is VERY slow indeed.

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BLMlogo Malta: more petulant nonsense from the hunting federation

The BirdLife Malta website:

BirdLife Malta is part of an international network of fully co-ordinated ringing stations and National Ringing Schemes that have been indispensable for the efficient management of scientific bird ringing in Europe. We are the leading voice in ensuring that Malta’s hunters WILL conform with EU Directives and spring hunting will be banned in accordance with those directives. Birdlife Malta currently manages two nature reserves, Ghadira and Is-Simar, and also joint manages an afforestation project known as Foresta 2000 (located adjacent to Ghadira): the two nature reserves are both Ramsar-designated wetland areas and represent the largest free-standing sources of water in Malta.


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