Malta’s hunters have been killing raptors IN THE UK!

I am speechless – blazing angry and incredibly pissed-off but speechless so I’ll keep this short.

Check out this report from Nov 30th on Malta’s (

“Three persons were on Monday night apprehended by customs at Malta International Airport in possession of dead protected birds.

The three persons were returning from a hunting trip in the UK.

A joint operation between Customs, Administrative Law Enforcement police, MEPA officials and veterinary services officials revealed a number of protected birds including birds of prey concealed in their luggage amongst other legal game.

The birds were protected by international law.

The persons in question are expected to be arraigned in court soon.”


Speechless, but I bet you can guess what I’m thinking… and what the hell was going on at UK Customs that these ‘hunters’ were able to export protected birds like this?



One thing we could all do to help the ‘Maltese problem’ is support the work of BirdLife Malta…

BLMlogo Malta: Decision to allow thrush trapping to appease FKNK displeases EU

The BirdLife Malta website:

BirdLife Malta is part of an international network of fully co-ordinated ringing stations and National Ringing Schemes that have been indispensable for the efficient management of scientific bird ringing in Europe. We are the leading voice in ensuring that Malta’s hunters WILL conform with EU Directives and spring hunting will be banned in accordance with those directives. Birdlife Malta currently manages two nature reserves, Ghadira and Is-Simar, and also joint manages an afforestation project known as Foresta 2000 (located adjacent to Ghadira): the two nature reserves are both Ramsar-designated wetland areas and represent the largest free-standing sources of water in Malta.


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