RSPB: Northen Bald Ibis update

ARKive image GES111796 - Northern bald ibis

Back in April 2011 I interviewed Chris Bowden about his work trying to save the Critically Endangered Northen Bald Ibis from extinction. Updates are posted by Chris on an RSPB blog and he’s recently posted the excellent news that all three surviving adults of the tiny eastern population have survived migration and are back on the historic breeding-grounds in the (currently) war-torn country of Syria:


Chris Bowden, RSPB, 02 March 12:


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  1. Laurie Allan says:

    Regardless of our activities, indeed despite them, life goes on! That’s great news – it’s a sobering thought that amid all the carnage and chaos that birders are out doing what they do, i like to think i would be doing that………whilst waiting for regime change!

    Laurie -

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