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Just popped out to set up a campaign group

As a few people have noticed (because they’ve emailed me to ask what’s going on) Talking Naturally (TN) has gone quiet of late. The reason is that while I loved blogging here, and really enjoyed making the podcasts, I felt […]

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Jonny Rankin in Australia: Black Duck Beauty

As mentioned in my last post expectation was high for my southern hemisphere debut, working life hadn’t allowed me to mentally prepare quite as much as I would


Why the birder in me supports the League against Cruel Sports

This week I was elected onto the Board of Trustees of the League against Cruel Sports. I was asked a few months ago whether I'd be interested


The War to Protect ‘our’ Wildlife – Make Your Stand

In the past week there have been even more revelations relating to the current governments intent on destroying 'our' wildlife. It is fast becoming clear we have a

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Grumpy Old Birder #40 – The No Show Man

"...the warm water running down my face, wasn't - it was a red liquid better kept inside my inner tubes..."

Bo Beolens, the Fatbirder, was meant to give a

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Book Review – Adriatic East Coast: Seeing Birds…


Book Review - Adriatic East Coast: Seeing Birds...

I'm old enough to remember when birding info for overseas travel came in the post via the inexhaustable Steve Whitehouse,

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Nial Moores: Stejneger’s Stonechat in Korea – a quick Introduction with Images

Nial Moores, November 14th, 2012

With recent splits in formerly familiar species (such as Arctic Warbler) and proposed splits in others (including Blue-and-White Flycatcher), several new species have been


Grumpy Old Birder #33 – ‘Cool change’

Grumpy Old Birder #33 - 'Cool change'

"...I don't care if the grass is greener on the other side of the hill. What's the point of worrying about that


TN90 Jeff Gordon, President of the American Birding Association

What is the ABA, what is its role, how does it fit into the North American birding landscape, what are its plan for the future, and why might

Ulcinj salt pans by Paul Voskamp

Under threat: could eco-tourism save Montenegro’s Ulcinj Saltpans

Tiny Montenegro, independent since 2006, is a big attraction when it comes to birds, with five Important Bird Areas (IBAs), including the magnificent and vast Lake Skadar, a


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