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BirdLife: Help required to end hunting massacre in Nagaland, India

Talking Naturally and many other websites reported last week on the ongoing massacre of migrating Amur Falcons in Nagaland, India. BirdLife International has been working since the news broke, and published their response yesterday

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Record Sociable Lapwing flock found in Uzbekistan

Follow all the latest from this project at

One of the most recent conservation organisations to become a range state partner supporting international Sociable Lapwing conservation is BirdLife’s


Kenya’s Tana River Delta Designated as newest Ramsar Site in Africa

There is no doubt at all that the struggle to save the Tana River Delta has been well-fought by both the RSPB and Nature Kenya - and everyone

Pterodroma madeira

BirdLife: Emergency conservation work pays off: Zino’s Petrel bounces back!

Great news concerning one of Europe's rarest birds, Zino's Petrel Pterodroma madeira which breeds on just six cliff ledges in the central mountain massif of Madeira. The small

Hooded Grebe to follow Alaotra Grebe into extinction?

In May last year BirdLife announced that the flightless, endemic Alaotra Grebe was extinct. Restricted to a tiny area of east Madagascar the Alaotra Grebe declined rapidly

More ink than pink…….

Yesterday I was back at  Immortal Art Studio for another session of artistic pain. The subjects to be permanently embedded onto my skin were the gorgeous

BirdLife: Get Angry – Fight Extinction!

Interesting and encouraging press-release on the BirdLife Community website today concerning Rovio Entertainment's 'Angry Birds'.

Get Angry – Fight Extinction! 01 Dec 11:



TN67 The Conference Calls 06 Nov 11

The one with guest Martin Fowlie of BirdLife International where in a 40 minute 'special' we talk about the remarkable 'Ghosts of Gone Birds' exhibition ('breathing life back

Ghosts. Gone. Birds.

Ghosts. Gone. Birds.

Any blogger, any journalist - anyone who's ever wanted to tantalise about the message to come in fact - will have struggled with a title

Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher: Partnership for iconic bird

Excellent news from the BirdLife website, highlighting conservation support for the Critically Endangered Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher:


Nature Seychelles (BirdLife Partner) and the Seychelles National Park Authority (SNPA)


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