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BirdLife Malta: Legality of spring hunting under fire in Malta and Brussels

Ironic, isn’t it, that while a trio of birdwatchers are putting themselves through pain and discomfort to raise awareness about the rapid decline of the Turtle Dove, the ‘Maltese hunter’ (a poacher armed with a gun and a sense of […]

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birdlife malta

Malta: Death toll mounts as eagle massacre continues

More utterly disgraceful and inexcusable behaviour from the useless hunters of southern Europe's most notorious killing-fields. How nice it would be to be able to report something positive


TN115 Martin Holm: ‘Music and Migration III’

A conversation with Martin Holm, conservationist, birder, musician, and co-owner of the ‎Second Language Music record label. The label recently released the third disc in a series

Injured Night Heron and Squacco Heron Robert Spanring

BirdLife Malta urges public to report illegal hunting

Saturday 14th September 2013– BirdLife Malta made a public appeal today, urging anyone who witnesses protected birds being killed or any other illegal hunting incidents to report these

birdlife malta

Juv Osprey tagged in Corsica and killed in Malta

Yet another protected raptor on migration reaches the blood-stained archipelago of Malta only to be killed. Yet again conservationists in one part of Europe work to help

birdlife malta

BirdLife Malta: two short podcasts from British Birdfair 2013

The following two short podcasts were recorded at the BirdLife Malta stand at the British Birdfair 2013, where it was my privilege to talk to two men

Hunter on hillside soon after dawn Malta April 2013

BirdLife Malta: Government obstructing spring hunting report?

Press-release from BirdLife Malta, Friday 2nd August


  • BirdLife Malta has today sent an urgent communication to the European Commission concerning the government’s failure to make available vital

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BirdLife Malta Raptor Camp: Open for volunteers

Brief information about Raptor Camp 2013:

The dates of the camp are 15th - 30th September

Camp participants help to monitor the countryside to record any

birdlife malta

BirdLife Malta: Extending hunting curfew will save more birds

Press-release from Birdlife Malta on extending a hunting curfew in autumn to protect migrating raptors from being illegally shot - a proposal inevitably shot at by Malta's

Pallid Harrier feature

Malta 2013: ‘Hunters’ gun down another Pallid Harrier

Malta has European permission to hunt Turtle Doves and Quail? Malta's hunters behave responsibly? Malta's hunters are conservationists? Malta's hunters abide the law? No. Utter, utter nonsense. The


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