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Blue tits

A new way to survey garden birds

This has been a long, hard winter and like – I would guess – many birders I have spent a small fortune putting out food for my garden birds. I live in the countryside, so when I say ‘garden’ I’m […]

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great tit

BTO: New strain of bird virus sweeps across Britain

A new strain of avian pox is taking its toll on garden birds in Britain, reports new research published this week in PLOS ONE.

Scientists from the


BTO: Arctic blast threatens real Easter eggs

Timely advice from the BTO for us to keep bird feeders topped up as the warmth and sunshine of March disappears and is replaced by cold winds


TN89 The Conference Calls 12 Feb 12

Welcome to The Conference Calls: served with conservation and bad jokes this is THE panel podcast about the British birding scene. Chaired by Charlie Moores, and inspired by


TN78 The Conference Calls 18 Dec 11 with Simon Tonkin

The one with Simon Tonkin, the RSPB's Senior Farmland Conservation Officer, where we discuss egg-collectors, skylarks, the CAP, the dire and urgent situation facing Turtle Doves, and Simon


TN76 The Conference Calls 10 Dec 11 – with Mark Avery

The one with guest Dr Mark Avery, author and Independent Environmental Expert who left the RSPB earlier this year after 15 years as Conservation Director, where in the

Turtle Doves: the next British extinction?

Nick (Moran) of this site's very own The Conference Calls fame (though the BTO who employ him might justifiably consider his work on Birdtrack more noteworthy)


TN73 The Conference Calls 02 Dec 11

The one with guest Steve Dudley, senior administrator at the BOU and ex officio member of the BOU's Records Committee, where we find out whether the BOU is


TN72 The Conference Calls 26 Nov 11

The one with guest Rob Lambert, life-long birder and academic based at Nottingham University, friend of every birding great, and frequent contributor to the BBC Natural History Unit,


TN70 The Conference Calls 14 Nov 11

The one with guest Richard Fray, ex-pat Brit birder and 'Leicester Llama' blogger now living in Patagonia, Arizona where he leads bird tours and talks with an English


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