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Center for Biological Diversity: The 2012 Rubber Dodo Goes to. . .

Dear Charlie, Your votes are in, and the results couldn’t be clearer: Senator James Inhofe — one of Congress’ staunchest deniers of climate change — is the winner of the Center for Biological Diversity’s 2012 Rubber Dodo award. The Center […]

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US: Proof the NRA is anti-conservation? Looks that way…

The hunting lobby in the UK must look across the Atlantic at the power and influence of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and weep. While hunters in the

Endangered Earth: 140 Groups Ask EPA to Take Lead Out of Ammo

Millions of birds and other animals die from lead hunting ammunition each year - not from being shot but from eating fragments of ammunition left behind by hunters.

CBD: White-nose Syndrome has killed up to 6.7million bats

In May 2009 'I posted a blog on White-nose Syndrome' a recently-discovered fungal disease killing large numbers of bats in caves in eastern North America. Mollie Matteson,

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Wins 2011 Rubber Dodo Award

Press-release from the Center for Biological Diversity, 14 Oct 11:

The votes are in, and the results couldn't be clearer: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce -

US: Court Approves Historic Agreement to Speed ESA Protection for 757 Imperiled Species

Press release from Center for Biological Diversity, 09 September 11

TUCSON, Ariz.— A federal judge today approved a landmark legal agreement between the Center

7 Billion and Counting

It's not the time to fight about 'why' or 'how' or whether any one segment, faith, or financial group is responsible, but the fact is that the human

‘Endangered Earth Summer 2011′ available online

The summer issue of Endangered Earth, produced by the Center for Biological Diversity, is available online at It's a fascinating read and includes articles on

Landmark Agreement Pushes 757 Species Toward Protection

Great news from the (US) Center for Biological Diversity:

The future for hundreds of imperiled plants and animals in the United States just got much brighter.

Three New Scientific Studies Confirm Lead Poisoning of Wildlife Due to Hunting Ammunition

Condors, Eagles, Vultures Exposed to Toxic Lead from Hunting

Press-release from the Center for Biological Diversity
08 April, 2011


SAN FRANCISCO— Three new scientific studies by University of California researchers


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