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It’s New York: they shoot Snowy Owls, don’t they?

Parts of North America are seeing an enormous influx of irrupting Snowy Owls this winter. One of the Arctic’s most iconic birds, huge numbers of birders have been travelling to see these beautiful white ‘ghosts’ from the frozen north. Cornell […]

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The RSPB’s new advert: you can’t please everyone…but be careful who you annoy

Two days ago former RSPB Conservation Director and environmental guru Mark Avery (I think of him that way anyway, but Mark is definitely a marmite-conservationist - which I

run coward run

Malta: International volunteers arrive for spring conservation camp

BirdLife Malta: International volunteers arrive for spring conservation camp as spring hunting derogation claims first victims

Press-release from BirdLife Malta: Saturday 13th April 2013

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens: Sam Jones talks with Colin Clubbe

This is a Talking Naturally 'Other Voices' podcast, a conversation between biologists Sam Jones and Dr Colin Clubbe, Kew Gardens' Head, UK Overseas Territories and Conservation Training.


TN105 Danny Groves of WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation)

A conversation with Danny Groves, Communications Manager with WDC - Whale and Dolphin Conservation, the new name for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. In this podcast

How much to save the world’s birds?

Apparently just 20% of what the world spends on fizzy drinks - mind you, the world spends a massive amount on fizzy drinks...


Science, October 11, 2012


Dare we bring ‘emotion’ into conservation?

Mark Avery landed a well-respected senior conservationist for a guest blog this week - Mark Infield, Director of Cultural Values and Conservation Programme, Fauna &

More ink than pink…….

Yesterday I was back at  Immortal Art Studio for another session of artistic pain. The subjects to be permanently embedded onto my skin were the gorgeous

Biodiversity and conservation: some future cliches

I'm still moving posts from an old blog onto Talking Naturally, and I just found this one that might be worth airing again...

With 2010 being the 'International Year


TN53 Dr Mark Avery (former RSPB Conservation Director)

Sponsored by Pentax this is an extended conversation with scientist, conservationist, and wildlife advocate Dr Mark Avery. Mark worked for the Royal Society's Protection for Birds (RSPB) for


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