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Jenny Hooper: Bolivian conservation – a Kickstarter project

Jennifer Hooper is a London based artist and photographer. Her work focuses on finding ways to promote environmental concerns/issues through art. Following time spent in Guatemala last year (charting the demise of the Atitlan Grebe and the continuing threat to […]

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In Memory of Martha – the last Passenger Pigeon on earth

In Memory of Martha. Written in September 2007, September 1st is the anniversary of Martha's death and the message is as relevant today as it was then...

ARKive image GES111796 - Northern bald ibis

RSPB: Northen Bald Ibis update

Back in April 2011 I interviewed Chris Bowden about his work trying to save the Critically Endangered Northen Bald Ibis from extinction. Updates are posted by Chris Save Indian Bustards Campaign

Press-release from The Corbett Foundation:


The semi arid grasslands of Kutch in Gujarat are one of the few abodes of the critically endangered Indian Bustard Ardeotis nigriceps, also


New Zealand Storm-petrel breeding ‘somewhere in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park’.

News from BirdLife that the Critically Endangered (and once thought extinct) New Zealand Storm-petrel does indeed seem to be breeding within NZ waters as suspected. BirdLife Community,

BirdLife: Searching for Beck’s Petrel

Press-release from Birdlife on the critically endangered Beck's Petrel, 20 Jan 12:


Until recently Beck’s Petrel Pseudobulweria becki was only known from two specimens: a female taken

BirdLife: Habitat loss threatening Seychelles Paradise-flycatcher

Press-release from BirdLife, 26 Dec 11:

The illegal felling of mature trees on La Digue island, the stronghold of the Critically Endangered Seychelles Paradise-flycatcher Terpsiphone corvina has

BirdLife: Global assessment identifies world’s most important wildlife forests

An interesting study by BirdLife scientists which - I would think I'm right in saying - probably identifies a number of forests that are unknown to most people


TN77 James Currie on filming the ‘Bogota Sunangel’

A conversation with James Currie, owner and host of the Nikon-sponsored Birding Adventures TV, who last week had the fantastic opportunity to film a newly-discovered hummingbird in north-eastern

‘Bogota Sunangel’ photos on Colombia Birding website

I was scheduled to interview James Currie of Birding Adventures TV this week, but received an email saying that a trip to Colombia had been extended because


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