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Cyprus: ‘Poachers launch ‘gangster style’ attacks on conservationists’

…On their latest anti poaching patrol CABS have collected some 3,000 lime sticks and almost fifty mist nets, with eight poachers being caught red-handed by the police…

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Thinking about a boycott

I got involved in an unfortunate online discussion yesterday about boycotts, after tweeting that boycotts rarely worked following seeing a well-known birder's own tweets about not going to


Cyprus: Making life even easier for the poachers

Killing migrant birds is BIG business on Cyprus. Illegal 'snacks' called ambelopoulia made from hundreds of thousands of passerines such as Blackcaps and Robins - which have bred


European BirdLife Partners take action against European bird crime

Important press-release from BirdLife Europe on crimes against wild birds, posted on the BirdLife Community page, 14 June 2012:


BirdLife Cyprus: Thanks for signing our petition – together, we can stop illegal bird trapping!

Many of us, I suspect, sign conservation-based petitions then never hear another word from the organisers. People are busy, we can understand that, but it's hugely encouraging when


CABS autumn 2011 report on illegal bird killing on Cyprus

The Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) has released a disturbing report on illegal bird killing on Cyprus in autumn 2011.


CABS/FoE Cyprus autumn 2011 report highlights enforcement bias and


Where can you see the most Blackcaps in one place? Cyprus

There's a beautiful male Blackcap defending a feeder tray in my garden at the moment, driving off Great, Blue, and Coal Tits with loud 'tacks' and open wing

CABS: Volunteers for Cyprus bird protection camp needed

Volunteers for Cyprus bird protection camp run by the Migratory Birds Conservation in Cyprus (MBCC):

Posted on Facebook by David Conlin in Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e.V. (CABS)


Cyprus pledges to stamp out bird trapping [world doesn't hold breath]

A remarkable article in the Cyrus Mail by George Psyllides which quotes Interior Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis - a man with such an apparently poor grasp of the situation


TN42 Martin Hellicar, BirdLife Cyprus update

A short conversation with Martin Hellicar, Campaigns Manager for BirdLife Cyprus (BLC), following the recent release of BLC's 'Trapping Monitoring Report' which covered this year's winter season


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