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More Ink & Pain!

Yesterday saw me back at Immortal Art Studio for my next addition to my ‘Giving my right arm‘ project. Today’s subject was the hugely enigmatic Rüppell’s Warbler. Richard has done an another astounding job in my opinion (though as usual the […]

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Tattoo Update – Giving my right arm

I was back at Immortal Art Studio on Monday for 16th bird to be tattooed. The bird to be added was the stunning Masked Shrike, a


Monster dam will swallow an area that meets nine out of 10 UNESCO criteria for World Heritage List

Just in case you were wondering why I am going to the extreme of having permanent tattoos to raise funds to help Doğa Derneği protect their countries severely threatened biodiversity; here is their

Ménétries's Warbler

Pain & Ink for Turkey!

I've not given an update on my 'Giving my right (and left) arm' campaign for a while and with three sessions in the past three weeks I thought it was

Lake Burdur ©

Journey of Loyalty to Burdur Lake

As highlighted in my previous post ( relating to Turkey's Burdur Lake, this is a very serious situation that not only affects the biodiversity of the region (Burdur Lake holds

Doğa Derneği in the UK!

As I write this I am still bemused and frustrated by the apathy of our UK and nearby European governments who are seemingly prepared to turn a blind

Tristan ‘Inky’ Reid: more pain in support of Turkey’s biodiversity

My good mate Tristan Reid (aka Binocularface/Inky/the Sultan of Pain - insert your own epithet, but make sure it's good-humoured or you'll be getting a visit from me

Tristan Reid’s latest tattoo: Northern Bald Ibis

The living pin-cushion that is the mighty Tristan Reid has been 'under the inker' again adding to his growing collection of 'Tattoos for Turkey', a fantastic project to

Tristan Reid and the world’s most painful Pied Kingfisher?

My good friend, conservationist, blogger, and all-round good guy, Tristan Reid has added another startlingly large tattoo to his ever-growing 'tattoos for Turkey' collection: a cracking Pied Kingfisher.

Tristan ‘Giving my Right Arm’ Reid’s tattoos

The very excellent Tristan 'Binocularface' Reid (blogger, conservationist, and frequent panel member on The Conference Calls) has been hitting the news (though not nearly often enough - come


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