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New Study Provides First Direct Evidence of Feral Cats in Hawaii Killing Endangered Hawaiian Petrel

Press-release from the American Bird Conservancy, Washington, D.C., April 17, 2013 A new study by federal and university scientists has provided the first direct videographic evidence of depredation of the endangered Hawaiian Petrel by feral cats. The study affirms large […]

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Bermuda Petrel by Brian Patteson

American Bird Conservancy: Bermuda Petrel population becoming ‘self-sustaining’

Bird Once Thought Extinct for Over 300 Years Now Numbers Over 100 Nesting Pairs, April 11, 2012:

The recovery program for a bird once believed extinct, the


Vietnam: New site for Endangered Grey-crowned Crocias

Welcome news via BirdLife that one of the rarest birds in Vietnam, has just been discovered at a new location in Kon Tum Province significantly extending its known


Save the biodiversity of Samoa


"The tropical rainforest of the Samoan islands are home to two unique species of bird found nowhere else on earth: the Ma’oma’o


Australia: Rare cockatoos now face starvation threat

This one article, by Katie Robertson of PerthNow which also owns the photo above, perfectly sums up the firestorm facing so many birds today: human population growth

BirdLife: Global assessment identifies world’s most important wildlife forests

An interesting study by BirdLife scientists which - I would think I'm right in saying - probably identifies a number of forests that are unknown to most people

ABC: Endangered El Oro Parakeet helped by new land acquisition

Press-release from the American Bird Conservancy, Washington, D.C., December 20, 2011:


A critical, 318-acre parcel of land in southwestern Ecuador has been acquired as part of the Buenaventura

Black-faced Spoonbill Found Injured in Japan

The beautiful Black-faced Spoonbill Platalea minor is a Globally Endangered endemic confined to East Asia, and based on the international census in 2010 has a world population of

Undulated Antpitta showing on cue at Peruvian reserve

Interesting press-release from the American Bird Conservancy today detailing how the beautiful and very elusive Undulated Antpitta Grallaria squamigera has joined a growing list of antpitta species

Rodent eradication in Palau shows early signs of success

Excellent news from the BirdLife Community website, as non-native rats are eradicated from more islands in the Pacific allowing native birds a chance to recover their populations:




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