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TN53 Dr Mark Avery (former RSPB Conservation Director)

Sponsored by Pentax this is an extended conversation with scientist, conservationist, and wildlife advocate Dr Mark Avery. Mark worked for the Royal Society’s Protection for Birds (RSPB) for 25 years until standing down in April 2011 to go freelance. He was the RSPB’s Conservation Director for nearly 13 years and has an encyclopedic knowledge of many of the ‘hottest’ of the UK’s conservation topics. In this interview he talks about how he joined the RSPB, his tussles with DEFRA and the NFU, intensive farming, raptor persecution (particularly of Hen Harriers on grouse moors), climate change, describes some politicians as “very average people”, talks about his concerns for wildlife in a world where people “put such demands on the environment”, and muses that he might become more outspoken now that he’s an independent – and manages to gently sidestep a few questions along the way. He also knows who the near-mythical Mr White of Reservoir Cats fame is – but isn’t telling!

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spoon-billed sandpiper chris collins 01

TN49 Chris Collins on Chukotka and Spoon-billed Sandpipers

A conversation with Chris Collins, a highly-experienced guide with Heritage Expeditions, the New Zealand-based ecotourism company that became a Species Champion for the Critically Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper in


TN44 Dr Debbie Pain and the Spoon-billed Sandpiper captive breeding programme

"If we try conservation breeding and for whatever reason it fails we haven't affected the world population, if we try it and we succeed we've


TN41 Christoph Zöckler on the Spoon-billed Sandpiper

Back in January I posted a podcast with Jim Lawrence, Manager of BirdLife International's Preventing Extinctions Programme, and Chris Collins, a tour leader with Heritage Expeditions (a


TN33 BTO Director Andy Clements, looking out for birds

Founded in 1932 by conservation giant Max Nicholson the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) has both contributed a vast amount to our understanding of Britain's birds and has

ARKive image GES111796 - Northern bald ibis

TN32 Chris Bowden on the Northern Bald Ibis

The Northern Bald Ibis Geronticus eremita, the rarest bird in the Middle East, was until relatively recently widespread across mountainous areas of Europe and North


TN31 Richard Porter on the Middle East

Socotra, Yemen, Sociable Lapwing, Slender-billed Curlew, Northern Bald Ibis, Nature Iraq, conservation in the Middle East, striking the right balance between survey work and advocacy,


TN25: Dr Chris Bell – the role of Sparrowhawks in the decline of the House Sparrow (Part Two)

In 2008 Dr Chris Bell published a co-authored report which claims to have found unequivocal proof that the decline of the House Sparrow (UK populations have fallen more


TN23: The Conference Calls – the slaty-backed episode

The one where we're joined by a guest Dominic Mitchell, founder and editor of Birdwatch magazine, and founder and identifier of Britain's first Slaty-backed Gull, and we talk


TN21: Geoffrey Saliba, BirdLife Malta

A second conversation with Geoffrey Saliba, Campaigns Coordinator with BirdLife Malta and a central figure in the fight to stop the widespread illegal hunting that takes


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