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2nd Quarterly Report on teaching conservation in Kinangop

One of the most rewarding conservation initiatives I’ve been involved with in recent years is supporting the efforts of friends, colleagues, and members of the Friends of Kinangop Plateau (FoKP)to halt the conversion of natural grasslands around Nairobi (Kenya) – […]

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Teaching conservation on the Kinangop Plateau

In June 2008 I was fortunate to photograph the Endangered Sharpe’s Longclaw Macronyx sharpei, a pipit-like species entirely restricted to the rapidly disappearing grasslands of the 77,000ha Kinangop

A visit to the Kinangop Plateau

Report of a visit to the Kinangop Plateau
by David Fox


My wife, Imogen, and I, our 12-year-old daughter, Isabel, my mother, Caroline, and our friend, Luca Borghesio, were

Njabini Woolshop: how good are these!

The wonderful Janice G Knausenberger - who has been teaching the equally wonderful weavers at the Friends of Kinangop Plateau's Najbini Woolshop how to - er, weave,

Kinangop – Dominic Kimani: Year End Report 2008 – 2009

Summary of Small African Fellowship in Kenya. (Kinangop)
September 2008 - September 2009.


The goal of the project

Emphasize and explain the conservation importance of Sharpe’s Longclaw

Interview: David Fox, on Kinangop and Sharpe’s Longclaw

In June 2008 I was fortunate to photograph an endangered Kenyan endemic, the beautiful Sharpe's Longclaw Macronyx sharpei, a pipit-like species confined entirely to the rapidly disappearing

A short visit to Kinangop: Thinking on my feet Part One

Back in June 2008 when I first posted about the Endangered Sharpe's Longclaw - which is endemic to the grasslands of the Kinangop Plateau near Nairobi - I

Labelled with Love

I may well be the only person who 'gets' the referral to the old Squeeze hit song 'Labelled with Love', but it seems an apt way to

Njabini Woolshop rugs: bigger and better

The progress being made by the wool-spinners at the inspirational Njabini Woolshop, a community-led conservation initiative run by the Friends of Kinangop Plateau (Kenya) and supported by

Friends of Kinangop Plateau, Sharpe’s Longclaw, and the Kinangop Grasslands

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Breeding-plumaged Sharpe's Longclaw Macronyx sharpei. Kinangop, February 2009.
Photo copyright Charlie Moores


Non-breeding Sharpe's


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