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Off to Malta, back next week

Next week I’m travelling to Malta with the League Against Cruel Sports and one of my heroes – Bill Oddie OBE. I have to say I’m not looking forward to it. Migrant birds should be passing in huge numbers and […]

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Birders Against Wildlife Crime


Birders Against Wildlife Crime

Last night Channel 4 News broadcast a short and extremely welcome report on the persecution of raptors on Scottish grouse moors, triggered by the

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Can the slaughter in the Middle East really be stopped?

Prominent hunters from Middle East and Africa sign declaration on responsible hunting

By Julien Jreissati Thu, 05/12/2013 - 11:21

Bird slaughter in Scotland and the Lebanon: spot the difference

Take a look at the two photos below. The UK shooting industry will tell anyone who listens that they show two totally different things - I'm not quoting

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Malta: Death toll mounts as eagle massacre continues

More utterly disgraceful and inexcusable behaviour from the useless hunters of southern Europe's most notorious killing-fields. How nice it would be to be able to report something positive

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BirdLife Malta urges public to report illegal hunting

Saturday 14th September 2013– BirdLife Malta made a public appeal today, urging anyone who witnesses protected birds being killed or any other illegal hunting incidents to report these

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BirdLife Malta: two short podcasts from British Birdfair 2013

The following two short podcasts were recorded at the BirdLife Malta stand at the British Birdfair 2013, where it was my privilege to talk to two men

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Disgraceful: Malta legislates in favour of killing roosting birds

Malta, the bloody archipelago, already has a reputation amongst birders, conservation organisations, and welfare groups as the place in Europe that migrating birds go to die. Despite years


LACS: Guilty! Four hunt staff admit illegal hunting after trapped fox flushed to waiting hounds

Fantastic news from the League against Cruel Sports - four members of the Middleton Hunt, a Yorkshire-based group of fox hunters, were filmed by members of the

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Hunting’s dirty secret – illegal fox cub hunting season starts

Press-release from League against Cruel Sports, 7th August 2013 Leading animal welfare charity, the League Against Cruel Sports, is working to highlight one of hunting’s most dirty secrets,


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