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Be positive: a quick comment on comments

I recently talked with Terry Townshend for a podcast looking at a campaign, being led by Chinese birders, to tear down illegal nets that are widespread across the countryside. Even, because that’s where the birds are, in nature reserves. Terry […]

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TN100 Terry Townshend on illegal bird trapping in China

A conversation with Terry Townshend, a British birder and conservationist who has been living and working in Beijing since August 2010. Terry recently became BirdLife Species Champion for



While we are - rightly I think - concentrating on the continuing killing of raptors and other migrating birds of prey on Malta, British birds (and especially British


Thinking about a boycott

I got involved in an unfortunate online discussion yesterday about boycotts, after tweeting that boycotts rarely worked following seeing a well-known birder's own tweets about not going to


World Parrot Trust urges Governments to end trafficking of wild African Grey Parrots

Press release from the World Parrot Trust, 25 July 2012.

  • World Parrot Trust urges Governments to end trafficking of wild African Grey Parrots
    Call for ban in the trade


BirdLife Cyprus: Thanks for signing our petition – together, we can stop illegal bird trapping!

Many of us, I suspect, sign conservation-based petitions then never hear another word from the organisers. People are busy, we can understand that, but it's hugely encouraging when


CABS autumn 2011 report on illegal bird killing on Cyprus

The Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) has released a disturbing report on illegal bird killing on Cyprus in autumn 2011.


CABS/FoE Cyprus autumn 2011 report highlights enforcement bias and

Maltese truck driver detained for trafficking finches to Malta

Perhaps 'in-the-greater-scheme-of-things' this is a seemingly unimportant story, but it is actually symptomatic of a global trend and precisely what happens where there is high local demand for


BirdLife Cyprus: Hunting boss openly supports limestick use

In what world could someone state openly that limesticks - a stick or twig coated in resin on which a bird lands and gets increasingly stuck to as

Natural England under fire – from GAMEKEEPERS and the SHOOTING TIMES!

An article on the Shooting Times (ST) website (which as might be expected is a touch sensitive when it comes to stories about gamekeepers illegally killing raptors)


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