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BirdLife Malta: Legality of spring hunting under fire in Malta and Brussels

Ironic, isn’t it, that while a trio of birdwatchers are putting themselves through pain and discomfort to raise awareness about the rapid decline of the Turtle Dove, the ‘Maltese hunter’ (a poacher armed with a gun and a sense of […]

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Jonny Rankin in Australia: Black Duck Beauty

As mentioned in my last post expectation was high for my southern hemisphere debut, working life hadn’t allowed me to mentally prepare quite as much as I would


Guest Post – Jonny Rankin #3: Badgers, Australia, and climate change

I sit down to write this at dusk on the commencement of the latest trial cull of badgers, down in the southwest. As such I cannot leave the


Guest Post – Jonny Rankin Talking #2: Who’s the problem?

I read this article yesterday morning. It is about drilling for oil in the Amazon rainforest. Specifically drilling for oil in the Yasuni National Park. Here is

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Guest Post – Jonny Rankin Talking #1: Livermere

Nature is brutally awesome...

I watched a Great Black-backed Gull eat a Mallard alive today.

It was a tremendous display of power from a brute bird and exhilarating to


Jonny Rankin and The Big Bird Race….

Jonny & his crew are doing a big bird race in May to help raise funds for the RSPB. There is more info here: Here is another unique

The Team.......

Here’s Jonny – and here is his Big Bird Race story…..

Listeners to a recent Conference Calls, readers of his unique birding blog (perhaps not for the faint-hearted), or birders from the Brecks will already be aware of the passion, drive


TN89 The Conference Calls 12 Feb 12

Welcome to The Conference Calls: served with conservation and bad jokes this is THE panel podcast about the British birding scene. Chaired by Charlie Moores, and inspired by


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