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TN84 The ‘Fatbirder’ Conference Calls 10 Jan 2012

The one with Bo ‘Fatbirder’ Beolens, the colossus behind the Fatbirder empire and the ‘Grumpy Old Birder’ blog. While we intended to just talk about what 2012 might bring, we also dipped in and out of HS2, Ruddy Duck culls, Badger baiting and hunting, Spanish Sparrow, asked whether Jonny Rankin could replace David Attenborough on the BBC!

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TN83 Monica Engebretson (Born Free USA) and National Bird Day

A conversation with Monica Engebretson, Senior Program Associate for Born Free USA, about National Bird Day. Monica has worked professionally in the animal protection movement since 1999, specializing

silky sifaka feature

TN82 Dr Erik Patel on the Critically Endangered Silky Sifaka Lemur

A conversation with primatologist Dr Erik R. Patel on his fascinating work in Madagascar where he has been studying the behavioral biology and conservation of one of the

squamatus feature 280

TN81 Nial Moores (Birds Korea) Update on Scaly-sided Mergansers

A conversation with Nial Moores, Director of Birds Korea, on the Endangered Scaly-sided Merganser Mergus squamatus. In winter the ROK/South Korea holds an important proportion of the global


TN80 The Conference Calls – Some Best Bits from 2011

The 'Best Bits of 2011' one with some of the funnier, weirder, and inspiringer most inspirational moments culled from various episodes of The Conference Calls. (Enormous thanks to


TN79 Dr Christoph Zockler and an update on the Spoon-billed Sandpiper

A conversation with Dr Christoph Zockler of ArcCona Consulting and co-ordinator of the EAAFP Spoon-billed Sandpiper Task Force. The podcast was recorded less than a week after Christoph

Identification of claimed Spoon-billed Sandpipers in China (Part One)

I've just uploaded two new posts to the Birds Korea blog (which I help to manage and update). One - reposted below - concerns a short discussion

slimbridge spoon-billed sandpiper feature

Slimbridge’s Spoon-billed Sandpipers unveiled

I'm just back in from an extraordinary day at Slimbridge, the Gloucestershire HQ of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. I've been to Slimbridge many times over the


TN78 The Conference Calls 18 Dec 11 with Simon Tonkin

The one with Simon Tonkin, the RSPB's Senior Farmland Conservation Officer, where we discuss egg-collectors, skylarks, the CAP, the dire and urgent situation facing Turtle Doves, and Simon


TN77 James Currie on filming the ‘Bogota Sunangel’

A conversation with James Currie, owner and host of the Nikon-sponsored Birding Adventures TV, who last week had the fantastic opportunity to film a newly-discovered hummingbird in north-eastern


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