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Update from Kinangop: March 2011

One of the most rewarding conservation initiatives I’ve been involved with in recent years is supporting the efforts of members of the Friends of Kinangop Plateau to halt the conversion of natural grasslands around Nairobi (Kenya) – home to the […]

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Njabini Wool-spinning Workshop: August 2010 Update

As regular readers will know I have been supporting a fantastic project on Kenya's Kinangop Plateau which aims to help the Endangered Sharpe's Longclaw by persuading landowners to

Njabini Woolshop: how good are these!

The wonderful Janice G Knausenberger - who has been teaching the equally wonderful weavers at the Friends of Kinangop Plateau's Najbini Woolshop how to - er, weave,

Njabini: the improvements just keep coming…

I received a batch of photographs from Sammy Bakari last night, showing some of the new rugs being made at the Friends of Kinangop Plateau-run Njabini Woolshop. The

Friends of Kinangop Plateau, Sharpe’s Longclaw, and the Kinangop Grasslands

Page last updated September 2012 - follow the work on Twitter at @SharpesLongclaw

Breeding-plumaged Sharpe's Longclaw Macronyx sharpei. Kinangop, February 2009.
Photo copyright Charlie Moores


Non-breeding Sharpe's

Another wonderful day in the Kinangop Grasslands

I'm just back from another amazing day in Nairobi with Dominic and the Friends of Kinangop Plateau and I'm going to start with a very quick uncaptioned 'photo

Can Bloggers make a Difference? (An update from Kenya)

You know, if someone had asked me last year whether bloggers can actually make a difference I might have been a little equivocal - after all, despite the

The Njabini wool-spinning workshop – conservation at work

As I wrote on my first post about my amazing day-trip to Nairobi last weekend (see Life Changing Moments in the Kenyan Highlands) one of the highlights


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