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Mark Chavez Update – Stop the Coyote Hunt Contest in Los Lunas, New Mexico

In the 21st Century it would be nice to think that there would no longer be a need to protest at a competition to kill as any Coyotes in a weekend as possible, but such is the power of the […]

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TN90 Jeff Gordon, President of the American Birding Association

What is the ABA, what is its role, how does it fit into the North American birding landscape, what are its plan for the future, and why might


US: restricting the constrictors

Back in October 2009 the U.S. Geological Survey put out a press-release on non-native snakes which said, amongst other things, that:

"Five giant non-native snake species would


TN70 The Conference Calls 14 Nov 11

The one with guest Richard Fray, ex-pat Brit birder and 'Leicester Llama' blogger now living in Patagonia, Arizona where he leads bird tours and talks with an English

US: Court Approves Historic Agreement to Speed ESA Protection for 757 Imperiled Species

Press release from Center for Biological Diversity, 09 September 11

TUCSON, Ariz.— A federal judge today approved a landmark legal agreement between the Center

Review: The Birds of New Jersey (Status and Distribution)

A book devoted solely to the status and distribution of the birds of New Jersey? I can imagine the differing reactions of birders in

Survey Reveals Steep, Three-Year Decline of Tricolored Blackbirds Despite Conservation Efforts in California

American Bird Conservancy press-release August 4, 2011:

A comprehensive survey of Tricolored Blackbirds in California has confirmed that the population of the species has declined nearly 35 percent

Landmark Agreement Pushes 757 Species Toward Protection

Great news from the (US) Center for Biological Diversity:

The future for hundreds of imperiled plants and animals in the United States just got much brighter.

Red Knot Wintering Population Drops by More than 5,000

Press-release from the American Bird Conservancy online at


Red Knot Wintering Population Drops by More than 5,000, Accelerating Slide to Extinction
Decline emphasizes need to list the knot

Song Sparrows – 39 and counting (subspecies that is…)

North America's archetypal "little brown job" the almost omnipresent Song Sparrow occupies much the same birding-niche in the Nearctic as the Dunnock does in the UK:


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