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NZ: Beleaguered Orange roughies back in the frying pan?

In the following comment post vegan and activist Jamie Newlin, a very welcome and regular contributor to Talking Naturally, discusses the way the fishing industry is using press-releases to spin the “sustainability” of a new population of Orange Roughy, a […]

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RoK/S Korea and Japan: unlikely allies in the whale-killing business

The Republic of Korea (or South Korea) has not done itself any favours this week, announcing that it wants to begin hunting whales (or as it and Japan

orange roughy

More Orange Roughy found. And that’s BAD news…

I have a particular dislike for the way the fishing industry attempts to sell itself with its hoary images of 'good old sea-salties' with beards, twinkling blue eyes,

BirdLife: 28% of the world’s seabirds are threatened with extinction

Worrying post on BirdLife's website today. How many of us will be prepared to give up fish having heard this (the human consumption and use of fish and


Guest Blog: “NZ: On to the next fish species”

New Zealand environmental group Forest and Bird has unveiled the results of its latest best fish consumer guide based on a thorough ecological assessment as opposed to fish

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Wildlife death on a huge scale…

I'm talking about fish. Does that make the above a misleading headline? Personally I don't think so. You're free to disagree but we treat fish in monstrous ways

Overfishing: Report confirms massive misuse of EU fisheries funds

I've had a bee in my bonnet for a while now about 'sustainable fishing'. As a vegetarian (who only turned veggie after years of ignoring the evidence and

Stamp out albatross slaughter this Christmas, urges RSPB

Press-release from RSPB, 12 Dec 11:

Help stamp out threats to albatrosses during the season of goodwill, that’s the festive plea from the RSPB.

The charity is asking people to

Swordfish to be ‘conserved’ via ICCAT Meeting #NOT

ICCAT, the International Commission for the Conservation [sic] of Atlantic Tunas, is in the news for having swordfish as well a tuna on the agenda for its next

Longline fisheries continue to drive albatross declines

Seventeen out of twenty-two albatross species are threatened with extinction with the main threat coming from mortality in fisheries...[ie drowning on hooks on 'longlines' that can stretch for


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