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Great Chalfield panrecording: the conopid fly Leopoldius signatus

Leopoldius signatus? Hopefully I’m about to sound like I know what I’m talking about, but – to be honest – that’s only now, after several twitter conversations (thanks @JMKimstra and @a_london_pigeon) and a whole lot of Googling which led to […]

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Great Chalfield panrecording: Helophilus trivittatus

I blogged recently about finding my first Rhingia rostrata, a distinctive hoverfly that is undergoing something of a strong range expansion (see the update here) and


Great Chalfield panrecording: Rhingia rostrata

There have been very few breaks in the poor weather lately (as anyone from the UK reading this will know already of course) but yesterday was a cracker,

gall feature

More Panrecording at Great Chalfield: Galls

Resisting the obvious pun is surely a sign of my growing maturity, but I will readily admit to a total 'immaturity' when it comes to knowing much about

tortoise beetle feature

Tortoise Beetle larvae

A couple of weeks ago I noticed 'something' dark and rough, like crumpled ladybird exuvia perhaps, seemingly stuck to thistle stems across the Great Chalfield estate. When

Yellow Tail

Moth Update!

Despite the less than ideal weather conditions lately, I have been persevering with moth study in my Wigton garden. It has been pretty awesome, I have recorded 127 species since

Poecilobothrus nobilitatus feature

Random July invertebrates from Great Chalfield

Apropos of absolutely nothing at all, here are some random photos taken between July 4th and 18th at Great Chalfield in Wiltshire (VC7), the National Trust-owned estate


Lasioglossum calceatum

Picture the scene. I'm wandering around the garden in the one 30-minute period of sunshine all day when I spot a tiny bee or wasp munching on pollen,

pear slug feature

Two ‘first’ sawflies, Great Chalfield

I am getting slightly hooked on sawflies - a difficult task as there are hundreds of look-alike species, some are very tiny, and there is no handy guide


Great Chalfield: Longhorn Beetles

Two of the things that kicked off my curent interest/obsession in 'panrecording' (ie trying to identify everything I come across rather than just going 'Oh look a Blackcap


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