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In Memory of Martha – the last Passenger Pigeon on earth

In Memory of Martha. Written in September 2007, September 1st is the anniversary of Martha’s death and the message is as relevant today as it was then…

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Silvery Wood Pigeon: Simeulue Island, Sumatra

An account - with superb photos! - by James Eaton of his 'rediscovery' of the Critically Endangered Silvery Wood Pigeon Columba argentina has just been posted on

Collared Dove (be careful what you wish for…)

When I moved from Chippenham (Wiltshire) down the road to the wonderful Great Chalfield last summer I was quickly struck by the lack of three bird species

Birding Karnala Forest, Mumbai

"Sleep can wait, I'm going birding". As a way of life it's a pithy summary, a clear statement of intent, and an expression of bravado that hints at

Birding Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens
07:30 - 12:00, 09 August 2005

With just a few hours spare before a flight down to Melbourne I decided to have a look around


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