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London 2013

ABC/BOC/NHM April 2013: Paul Donald on the Liben Lark

Talking Naturally was invited to record a series of short interviews at a joint meeting of the African Bird Club, the British Ornithologists’ Club and the Natural History Museum in London on April 6th 2013. On a packed but enjoyable […]

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great tit

BTO: New strain of bird virus sweeps across Britain

A new strain of avian pox is taking its toll on garden birds in Britain, reports new research published this week in PLOS ONE.

Scientists from the


44 million birds lost since 1966

Press-release from a coalition of nature organisations detailing the astonishing loss of birds from the UK. It's worth just reflecting that if you were a birdwatcher in the


Redwings, public sector strikes, George Monbiot, and the Common Agricultural Policy

I originally wrote this post almost a year ago, but given the focus of the RSPB's 'Stepping Up' campaign on current plans to dismantle the 'good' parts


Record Sociable Lapwing flock found in Uzbekistan

Follow all the latest from this project at

One of the most recent conservation organisations to become a range state partner supporting international Sociable Lapwing conservation is BirdLife’s


“Plenty of fun”: killing Turtle Doves in Serbia

Check out this disingenuous and hackle-raising banner below for yet another outfit selling migrant birds to shooters who clearly have no concern for the future of one of


Kenya’s Tana River Delta Designated as newest Ramsar Site in Africa

There is no doubt at all that the struggle to save the Tana River Delta has been well-fought by both the RSPB and Nature Kenya - and everyone



While we are - rightly I think - concentrating on the continuing killing of raptors and other migrating birds of prey on Malta, British birds (and especially British


Morocco Turtle Dove Shooting

The Turtle Dove Streptopelia turtur is one of our most iconic summer visitors and is under serious threat. This once frequent summer visitor to the UK is experiencing a catastrophic decline


TN94 Mark Avery’s Fighting for Birds

A conversation with Dr Mark Avery, former RSPB Conservation Director, birder, blogger, and writing dynamo. In this wide-ranging (and often irreverent) chat we discuss 'Fighting for Birds' -


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