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TN84 The ‘Fatbirder’ Conference Calls 10 Jan 2012

The one with Bo ‘Fatbirder’ Beolens, the colossus behind the Fatbirder empire and the ‘Grumpy Old Birder’ blog. While we intended to just talk about what 2012 might bring, we also dipped in and out of HS2, Ruddy Duck culls, Badger baiting and hunting, Spanish Sparrow, asked whether Jonny Rankin could replace David Attenborough on the BBC!

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TN80 The Conference Calls – Some Best Bits from 2011

The 'Best Bits of 2011' one with some of the funnier, weirder, and inspiringer most inspirational moments culled from various episodes of The Conference Calls. (Enormous thanks to


TN73 The Conference Calls 02 Dec 11

The one with guest Steve Dudley, senior administrator at the BOU and ex officio member of the BOU's Records Committee, where we find out whether the BOU is


TN72 The Conference Calls 26 Nov 11

The one with guest Rob Lambert, life-long birder and academic based at Nottingham University, friend of every birding great, and frequent contributor to the BBC Natural History Unit,


TN70 The Conference Calls 14 Nov 11

The one with guest Richard Fray, ex-pat Brit birder and 'Leicester Llama' blogger now living in Patagonia, Arizona where he leads bird tours and talks with an English


TN66 The Conference Calls 28 Oct 11

The one with guest Garry Bagnell, one of the UK's most passionate - and most mocked - twitchers, where we look briefly at last week's rarities on Scilly


TN65 The Conference Calls 15 October 11

The one with guest Jim Lawrence, Development Manager of BirdLife International's Preventing Extinctions Programme, live from the Scilly Isles. In a 'Scilly Special' we talk about the Scillies,


TN64 The Conference Calls 09 Oct 11

The one where we talk about 'misID/hoaxers': we look at The Sun's 'Portsmouth Penguin'; we move smoothly onto an ID cock-up by one of our own; glide effortlessly


TN62 The Conference Calls 01 Oct 11

The one where we talk about September's UK birds, ask whether if Buff-breasted Sandpipers become common they'd ever be 'trash', again highlight the awful illegal trapping situation on


TN61 The Conference Calls 20 Sept 11

The one with guest journalist and author Stuart 'The Birdman' Winter where we talk about the after-effects of Hurricane Katia, Nick's self-found Pallid Harrier, a 'good' gamekeeper near


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