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TN60 The Conference Calls 10 Sept 11

TThe one with guest Mark Lawlor, Guernsey Bird Recorder and the man behind the wonderful Gyr Crakes, where we talk about birding on Guernsey, the Pendeen Madeira Petrel, the feeble attempt by the Scottish Gamekeeper’s Association to malign the White-tailed Eagle, Mark reads out a letter from ‘Grandpa Gyr’ and Nick reads out a letter from a clearly confused ‘S. Backshall’, and we have pre-recorded interviews with BirdLife Malta volunteer Nimrod Mifsud, and with musician Jimi Goodwin (Doves) and Ceri Levy (of Ghosts of Gone Birds fame) who talk about music, extinct birds, and Ralph Steadman’s ‘Needless Smut’.

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TN59 The Conference Calls 03 Sept 11

The one where we talk about the Breeding Bird Survey results for 2010, the crash in farmland bird populations across Europe, update the BTO's satellite tagged cuckoos with

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TN57 The post-Birdfair Conference Calls

The one where we give our first impressions of Sony's DEV5 digibins, discuss wildlife celebrities and rank them out of ten on what they do for wildlife and


TN55 The Conference Calls 13 Aug 11

The one with guests David 'The Urban Birder' Lindo and Ceri Levy the driving force behind the 'Ghosts of Gone Birds'. We talk about what mega-shorebird we'd each


TN54 The Conference Calls 07 Aug 11

The one where we talk about Avian Pox, plug the BBC Wildlife Fund, grab two armchair ticks via the 52nd AOU Supplement, discuss more BirdFair-related stuff, listen to


TN52 The Conference Calls 29 July

The one sponsored by Pentax where we talk about the upcoming British Birdwatching Fair, talk with the BTO's Nick Moran on their 'Tracking Cuckoo into Africa', Tom describes

Recorded another Conference Calls

Spent some time in the 'Podding Shed' last night with Tom McKinney, John Hague, and Harry Hussey as we recorded a typically exuberant 'Conference Calls'. I'd be editing

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TN51 The Conference Calls 21 July 2011

The one Pentax sponsored where we talk about Tristan's 'Giving my Right Arm' fundraising initiative and allude to a typically lyrical curse-laden promotion of the initiative by Tom


TN48 The Conference Calls and calls again

The one where we talk about Birdtrack, Tristan's 'Giving my Right Arm' fundraising initiative, have an interview with Simon Richardson who is campaigning to stop the killing of


TN47 The Conference Calls and Tim loses it…

The one where we discuss twitching scoters (with a 'live' report by correspondent 'Tim Conney' from a headland in Scotland), signing epetitions, the Spoon-billed Sandpiper captive breeding programme,


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