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Talking Naturally is expanding and developing some exciting, new ideas. One of the areas that we are particularly excited about is working with ‘partners’.

We want Talking Naturally to be a free, relevant hub for conservationists globally. Rather than building and developing our conservation role by putting together a roster of ‘beat writers’ who don’t necessarily share our values (both Tris and I are passionate about animal welfare, for example, and opposed to all forms of illegal hunting) we want to work with ‘partners’ who are equally passionate about inspiring people about the natural world. We want to do more than just link up though: we want to develop long-term, no-strings relationships that become more valuable as Talking Naturally builds, that ‘shares’ all our respectve audiences, and gives conservation organisations a chance to promote themselves whenever they want to. We want to actually do something for conservation rather than just talking about it…

If you’d like to allow us to help YOU, please get in touch through either charlie (AT) talking-naturally.co.uk or tristan (AT) talking-naturally.co.uk


We support and share the ethics and beliefs of the following individuals and organisations who are free to ‘use’ TN as a platform for their appeals/articles/blogs/updates etc.


Birds Korea Ghosts of Gone Birds Friends of Kinangop Plateau Committee against Bird Slaughter
Wildiaries Fatbirder Foundation for the Protection of the Arabian Leopard in Yemen Doga Denergi


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