TN100 Terry Townshend on illegal bird trapping in China


A conversation with Terry Townshend, a British birder and conservationist who has been living and working in Beijing since August 2010. Terry recently became BirdLife Species Champion for Jankowski’s Bunting, but in this podcast we’re talking about his involvement in a campaign to draw attention to the widespread use of illegal mist nets in China (millions of birds are estimated to be caught every year) and the campaign being led by Chinese activists to stamp out their use.



  • “CHIRU!!” means SHAME!! …or… DISGRACE!!

    Every year in China, COUNTLESS numbers of WILD BIRDS are TRAPPED in nets (put there by unscrupulous people who make make money from selling them as cage birds or as food).
    HELP to put a STOP to the shameful practice NOW!

    TELL people what is happening; WRITE about it on your Blog;
    PASS ON these photos to others; LINK to this page”


For more information please go to and please leave a comment at the bottom of the page to support the work now taking place to stamp out the use of illegal nets…it WILL make a difference.



Terry is also BirdLife Species Champion for the very rapidly declining and near-endemic Jankowski’s Bunting. We recorded a podcast about this rare and beautiful bird which is at

Jankowski’s Bunting, photo copyright Zhu Lei. Used with permission.


If you’d like to contribute to help Jankowski’s Bunting please consider donating via the JustGiving campaign.

Click the logo to go to the page.


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