TN102 Ploink! founder Marc Simpson


A conversation with Marc Simpson, founder of Ploink! a new website which offers the chance to donate small amounts of change to the charities of your choice. With its elegant interface and its small-change swallowing piggybanks Ploink! has been described as an online equivalent to the charity collection tins we’re no doubt all familiar with. Version 2 of the site was launched recently, and Ploink! already has over 1500 donors giving their small change to over 450 charities. In this podcast Marc talks about how he came up with the idea for Ploink!, how the site is set up to be as fun and as secure as possible, his hopes for the future, and a new app that when it’s launched will turn a smartphone into a rattling piggybank…


Disclaimer: This podcast has been produced by Talking Naturally to support charity-giving and conservation. No fees were charged or accepted by myself or Talking Naturally for making this podcast.



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