TN106 Adrian Lloyd Jones, Welsh Beaver Project/Prosiect Afancod Cymru

bevaer project

A conversation with Adrian Lloyd Jones, the co-ordinator of the Welsh Beaver Project which is looking at the feasibility of bringing wild European Beavers Castor fiber back to Wales through a managed re-introduction project. We discuss the pros and cons of a reintroduction, look at the history of beavers in Wales, and Adrian describes what a landscape with beavers back in it might look like.

Disclaimer: This podcast has been produced by Talking Naturally to support conservation.No fees were charged or accepted by myself or Talking Naturally for making this podcast.


  • We are keen to hear what you think about the reintroduction of beavers to Wales. Please send us your comments by phone, email or letter.

    Welsh Beaver Project
    376 High Street
    LL57 1YE

    Tel: 01248 351541



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