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A few days ago I interviewed Engin Yilmaz, the General Director of Doga Denergi, the BirdLife International partner in Turkey. Our subject was ‘The Great March of Anatolia’ and Anadolu Vermeyeceğiz – a remarkable citizen-based campaign protesting the sell-off of all of Turkey’s rivers and streams to corporations in the energy business who are building an almost unbelievable 1,738 dams and hydroelectric power plants (or HEPPs). 2000 other dams are already being built and the total length of the river systems in Turkey that will be irreversibly altered is 10,000 kilometers…

Unfortunately Engin had to talk to me while he was sat in a small restaurant waiting for another appointment: the clattering of cutlery and the low murmur of customer’s voices – whilst authentic and evocative – did make hearing what Engin had to say on the recording I made virtually impossible to hear.

What Engin and I discussed though was far too important to just delete and because he’s now unavailable for the rest of the week I’ve taken the decision to write what I guess is the equivalent of a radio appeal – not to raise funds, but to spread awareness. Unusually for Talking Naturally, therefore, the only voice you’ll be hearing throughout this podcast will be mine.

I also want to make absolutely clear that because Engin’s away I haven’t had the chance to check with him that what I’ve written is 100% accurate: I’m basing everything I say here on the interview I had with him and on a range of websites I drew my original interview questions from, but if there are any factual errors they’re mine and mine alone.

Disclaimer: This podcast has been produced by Talking Naturally to support conservation. No fees or benefits of any kind have been charged or accepted by Talking Naturally. Bandwidth costs for this podcast are sponsored by Digital Spring.

Show Notes

If you would like to offer your support please contact Engin Yilmaz at



Map showing Key Biodiversity Areas in pink, and proposed dams and HEPPs as green dots.


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