TN36 Ceri Levy and The Ghosts of Gone Birds

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‘Ceri Levy and The Ghosts of Gone Birds’ is a conversation with documentary-maker, art collector, writer, podcaster, BirdLife Species Champion, and long-time Chelsea FC supporter Ceri Levy, who has organised a remarkable art exhibition featuring artworks on extinct birds called the ‘Ghosts of Gone Birds’ to raise funds for BirdLife International’s Preventing Extinctions Programme (plus a bonus, short chat with artist Adam Bridgland who arrived at Ceri’s house with his piece for ‘Ghosts’ and found himself plonked in front of a microphone while Ceri went off to make a cup of tea…).

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Show Notes

Ralph Steadman and his work ‘Black Mamo’, a Hawaiian Honeycreeper last seen in 1907
Photo © Ceri Levy


‘Ghosts of Gone Birds’ is a travelling multi-media art exhibition designed to raise a creative army for conservation. Its first stop is in Liverpool on May 19-20th at the Liverpool School of Art & Design where there will be a Ghosts Gallery Space featuring new work by Ralph Steadman, Sir Peter Blake, Rob Ryan, Billy Childish, Desmond Morris, Pete Fowler, Charming Baker, Kai and Sunny, Rebecca Jewell, Olly and Suzi, Dafila Scott and Jamie Hewlett – to name just a few.

Each artist has been asked to adopt a different extinct species of bird and breathe life back into it through their art.

There will be paintings, sketches, sculptures, woodcuts, poems and installation pieces all dedicated to resurrecting such lost creatures as the Red Moustached Fruit Dove, the Mysterious Starling and Reunion Owl.

There will also be talks by artists, writers and scientists. And a live performance of new music especially written for the project by Jimi Goodwin of Doves.


Adam Bridgland’s piece for ‘Ghosts of Gone Birds’


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