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The one with guest Richard Fray, ex-pat Brit birder and ‘Leicester Llama’ blogger now living in Patagonia, Arizona where he leads bird tours and talks with an English accent. Subjects covered include ‘are we a programme?’, why is Tom an editor’s nightmare, what are the main differences between birding in the US and the UK, and whatever happened to Sparky the Dog…plus a short interview with the RSPB’s Tim Melling, manager of the England Twite Recovery Project.

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Show Notes

And your Panel today consists of…

  • Charlie Moores, a freelance writer and podcaster (and now sadly intermittent birder) who either lives in a warm little cottage in north Wiltshire with his family or in a cold ‘podding shed’ editing an endless series of podcasts that more and more people appear to now be listening to.
  • John Hague, a birding psychiatric nurse from Barnsley who now lives in Leicester where he’s a prominent member of the Leicester and Rutland Ornithological Society. John blogs extensively at The Drunkbirder where he rants “about the world and the absurdities of life“.
  • Nick Moran, an expat Yorkshireman living in Norfolk, where he runs BirdTrack at the BTO. Nick spent most of the noughties birding and occasionally teaching Biology in China and the UAE; he is an OSME Council member and secretary and voting member on the Emirates Bird Records Committee which keeps him in touch with Middle East birding.



Show Notes and Links

Fun Birding Tours in SE Arizona with Birding Guide Richard FrayHave FUN with wildlife in one of the world’s truly great birding destinations





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